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IMF bailout: How Oppong Nkrumah answered question about use on National Cathedral

Government declines calls to search for IMF help

Government examined concerning National Cathedral use

Government finally gives up to search for an IMF bailout

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah

The public authority of Ghana on the confirmation that the country is at present in a financial emergency has started discussions with the International Monetary Fund for a potential bailout.

The aftermath from the declaration has seen a few Ghanaians question the reason for a portion of government’s uses including a few public tasks like the National Cathedral.

Showing up on the Monday, July 4, 2022, release of Citi FM’s Breakfast Daily program, the host, Bernard Avle looked to address why the public authority has chosen to commit public assets towards the National Cathedral venture when the country is in monetary emergency.

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“How would you legitimize the sum we spent on the Cathedral at the time we did?” he addressed.

In an appearing to be sly way, the clergyman declined to give a solution to the inquiry on the premise that he presently can’t seem to get a preparation on issues encompassing the National Cathedral use.

“This entire basilica matter I think has created a ton of public commotion. I have really asked for a full short to comprehend for what good reason we paid what when in time. So as I sit before you earlier today, I don’t have a full concise to address that matter. Our seeing at first is that it should be assembled by the temples and confidential area with some seed support from the state. I don’t have a full short of the subtleties on how that has gone so I won’t go into that,” the pastor noted.

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Government is said to have up until this point extended some GHC200 million towards the development of the National Cathedral.

IMF bailout: How Oppong Nkrumah answered question about use on National Cathedral
IMF bailout: How Oppong Nkrumah answered question about use on National Cathedral

Among different worries, a people have scrutinized the choice to spend state assets on the venture thinking about the ongoing financial state.

The public authority of Ghana, through the Ministry of Information, on Friday, June 1, 2022, declared a choice to look for a bailout from the IMF to relieve current financial difficulties confronting the country.

Following the declaration, the public authority has been under extreme analysis over its previous stance against a potential bailout.

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