Important update about the ongoing SIM registration exercise you need to know

Important update about the ongoing SIM registration exercise you need to know

On Monday afternoon, the National Communications Authority (NCA) Board of Directors met with the CEOs of mobile network operators (MNOs) and the developers of the SIM Card Registration Application.

This was in response to recent reports of subscriber difficulties with the ongoing SIM Card Registration exercise, which began on October 1, 2021.

The purpose of the meeting was to go over and sketch out solutions to the issues raised by the exercise.

The meeting went over all aspects of the SIM Registration process, with a particular emphasis on improving subscriber experience.

At the end of the meeting, all MNOs, App Designers, and the NCA agreed that “all stakeholders, i.e. the NCA, all MNOs, and App designers are committed to collaborating to ensure the success of the exercise,” according to a statement issued by the NCA on Tuesday, January 11.

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That all MNOs will work together to improve the customer experience at various registration centres to reduce and eliminate long lines at Stage 2 registration.

That all MNOs will take immediate steps to increase the number of agents/staff performing biometric capture at stage 2 of the exercise, open up additional registration points, and increase the number of biometric capture devices.

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That the MNOs will publish the SIM Registration locations so that subscribers can easily locate centres near them.

That the SIM card registration application will be updated regularly to ensure its robustness and efficiency at all times.

That there will be greater collaboration to ensure that all challenges associated with the SIM Card Registration exercise are addressed as soon as possible. All stakeholders anticipate that all concerns about SIM Registration will be addressed for the exercise to be a success.

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