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The prevalent professional clinical official, a blunt prophet, talks straightforwardly to the Ghanaian Immigration Service administration and Fire Service to return the monies of all people they evaluated for enrollment yet couldn’t progress.

The minister of God said the more significant part of the dismissed candidates is from poor and battling homes who took credits to apply.

For the Ghana Immigration Service administrators and Fire Service to know harmony, they should return the monies.

He accepts it isn’t everybody’s cash they can spend, which is why the more significant part of them suffer while on retirement.

“I want to speak to the leaders of the Ghana Immigration Service and Ghana National Fire Service, and I saw the Police are also starting their screening,” he said in his latest sermon.

“Let me use the opportunity to tell you something, all the persons you screened but could not make it give their monies back to them. The reason why when you go on pension, you suffer is what I’m talking about.”

“It’s not all that we can spend. Some of the people you rejected are from struggling families, but they went to look for money, so I’m telling Ghana National Fire Service and Ghana Immigration Service that if you don’t return the money, you will not have peace,” he said.

Many Ghanaians who want recruitment into the security services had to cough up GHC100 from their pockets, plus other expenses.

As it happens every year, the Fire Service and Immigration will not select a significant number of the applicants due to the fewer numbers they have to recruit.

Rev Oduro spoke at a church service followed by this portal.

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