Kisa Gbekle


Popular Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle, has recounted with a guy at a tender of 15.

According to the actress, her “akosua kuma” was ‘taken’ from her at that young age but she never regret any of it.

In an exclusive interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu Show, Kisa Gbekle said she was filled with a youthful naive girl who grew up in Aflao in the Volta region.

The naive actress wanted to explore everything including “akosua kuma” and this one way or the other landed her into getting ra[ “I was raped at age 15 – Kisa Gbekle”]



In the interview the popular actress said she enjoyed although it came in a form of rape.

She also added that her parents were mad and reported it to the police but was settled at home.

“It was a mama and dada kind of stuff thing. The people my parents trusted me with were those that did this to me. I was a bad girl and I actually liked it. The guy was 17 or 18 years around that time. To me it was a child’s play.

“I received harsh punishment from my mother as a result of being a ‘Bad Girl’.

“My mom went to the extent of inserting pepper in my “akosua kuma” and a punishment because I was a bad girl”.

Gbekle has been trending recently as she boldly admitted she engaged herself in a ‘Tummy tuck liposuction’ surgery to enhance her belly and butt.


Source: www.https://hitzvibes

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle has finally shown off the results of her Turkish doctor’s work after visiting the European country to improve her curves and bortos.

The stunning actress Kisa Gbekle has shared a fresh video showing off her new raw bortos to her fans and followers on IG.

In this video that driver massive traffic to her social media pages, Kisa is captured in her house wearing pink swimwear.

A woman can be seen in the video applying oil on her bortos as was in the process of preparing to take some photographs for the gram.

Evidently, the surgery worked perfectly well for Kisa as one can tell that Kisa’s bortos now looks big as compared to her old looks.

She captioned the fats trending video as;

“Big siss got this oil rubbing . 6 weeks post op. Still not healed yet but.”

Check out the video below to know more…




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