Prophet Nigel Gaisiel


Prophet Nigel Gaisie of the Prophetic Hill Chapel is still dropping prophecies about the year 2022.

In a few days time, the Total African Cup of Nations would kick off in Cameroon to determine which country gets the bragging rights in Africa.

Despite the warning by IGP to Prophets and pastors not to cause fear and panic, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has defied him and has dropped one in connection to the AFCON.

According to the Prophet, God revealed to him where he saw players on stretchers wailing and lamenting after a terrorist attack.

In a video available, he said in the realm of the spirit he saw a huge explosive attack during one of the matches which led to the commotion at the venue.

He urged the country Cameroon and the qualified team to go on their knees and pray in other to avoid that from happening.


Nigel Gaisie and Ken Agyapong

He said he will leave no insults from the vociferous New Patriotic Party (NPP) lawmaker his way unattended to.

In a twi interview on Kofi TV, Prophet Gaisie said Mr. Agyapong has provoked and insulted him all these years but he won’t countenance it in 2022.

The MP lied about him to the media in a pre-election scheme to get elected, and he almost had enough. However, then God talked him into staying for some things that were going to happen.

“Listen, the lies that he told about me, I am human, I am somebody’s husband, I am somebody’s father, my children are outside the country and I didn’t respond because I am an Akuapem and we are very respectful and a lot of people had called me that I should not speak.

Besides, I did not want to mar the elections because I had an interest that God had used me to tell me that President Mahama was coming and so I was quiet but enough, let sleeping dogs lie. Let Kennedy Agyapong understand that there is fury in my mouth and I am a prophet; when I speak, Heaven listens,” he stated.

“So, tell him; if his relatives are listening, they should tell him that for us those who operate in the spirit, people do not touch us. His children should speak with him because me, the prophet, I curse him every day,” he said.

Nigel Gaisie also explained that being this hurt, and having resolved to henceforth always pray against Kennedy Agyapong, he prays against the latter’s welfare every single day, wishing him nothing but bad luck always.

“And I will subdue him in the realms of the spirit and listen to me, every single day, I pray against him. Yes, I am speaking as a prophet of God. An elderly man of God called me to tell me not to say anything about Kennedy Agyapong again but listen to me, every day, I will pray against him, as a prophet of God.

He also said a portion of his December 31, 2021, prophecies that sought to talk about Kennedy Agyapong, adding that it was an intentional move and that he did so only to insult him.


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