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Actress Nana Ama McBrown has cautioned the general public, especially her fans, against believing every rumour shared about her on social media.

According to her, most of these rumours are fabricated with no iota of truth.

Addressing her fans in a video on YouTube, Nana Ama said that “people are keeping you guys in suspense and I don’t like it. Don’t believe everything you see on social media.”

The actress dismissed reports that she had been sacked from UTV, adding that she considers people in that media house as her family.

Nana Ama, however, did not give reasons why she chose to stay on the down-low in the past few months.

But, she stated that people are taking advantage of her silence to spread misinformation. Nana Ama added that she had to address the rumours and reports, especially because of the numerous calls she has received from loved ones.

The actress also dismissed reports that she has given birth to a second child.

“I have read all the fake news about me being pregnant again, or me giving birth, or me giving birth to twins (that would have been so lovely), but I have not given birth. My only child, my blessed baby that I am always grateful to God for, is baby Maxine,” she said. The actress noted that although she has her stepchildren and other adopted children, her only biological child is Maxine.

Social media has allegedly been set on fire by a lady

In the video, the lady in question joined the #breakmywaistchallenge by Wendy Shay, an afro-pop artist in Ghana.

She caused attention on the internet from the way she way comforting her backside to suit the song.



In a video that has gone viral on social media, the bridesmaid decided to throw caution to the wind as she was captured grinding and shaking her backside rigorously for the Groom at the wedding reception.

The Groom on the other hand seized the opportunity to enjoy his last moments as a bachelor by tackling the butt of the bridesmaid with full energy like his life depended on it.

In fact, the ecstatic mood of both the Bridesmaid and the Groom on the dancefloor made it seem like the two had something going on in secrecy but decided to give it one more shot in public before the man was taken away by the bride herself.

Upon seeing what the bridesmaid was doing with her husband at her wedding, the Bride moved quickly to protect her territory as she chased one of her bridesmaids

The bridesmaid, however, made a turnaround and came back to continue dancing with the man but as the act didn’t sit down well with the bride she chase her off again.

Meanwhile, as this was going on, the groom acted as if she didn’t see anything as he continued to grind the big buttocks wiggling in his face.

Watch the video below.



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