A Sierra Leonean footballer who was nearly fixing a transition to Sweden requested that his sibling address him at his wedding while he concluded the exchange.

Footballer misses his wedding to seal transfer, sends brother to represent him

Mohamed Buya Turay was on the books of Chinese side Henan Songshan Longmen while his wedding to his accomplice was planned.

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Be that as it may, the 27-year-old forward was moved toward by Swedish side Malmo and should have been available to settle the arrangement.

As indicated by a report by The Sun, Turay wound up missing his own wedding and requested that his sibling address him.

He ensured, however, that his lady of the hour Suad Baydoun wasn’t left completely all alone as he sent his sibling to complete the wedding function.

The wedding, which occurred on July 22, occurred without the man of the hour as he was away to sign another agreement.

The footballer, nonetheless, ensured that he took some decent photographs with his lady of the prior hour taking off to Sweden.

“We got hitched on July 21 in Sierra Leone,” the Sierra Leone global told Swedish outlet Afton Bladet:

“However, I wasn’t there since Malmo requested that I come here before. We took the photos ahead of time. So it appears as though I was there yet I wasn’t. My sibling needed to address me at the actual wedding.”

“I will attempt to get her to Sweden and Malmo now so she can be near me. She will live here with me.”

Mohamed Buya Turay
Mohamed Buya Turay

A person has taken to the web to make an admission to how he laid down with a woman the night prior to her wedding and later continued to splash cash on the lady of the hour and the lucky man during the D-day.

As uncovered by the person, he has laid down with two distinct women in such cases and maybe he’s not halting at any point in the near future.

Truly, I don’t have any idea why the person intensely emerged to make this admission since women are people very much like us and they capitulate to allurements too.

Thus, assuming you jam a sequential cheat well, such is reality. Yet, I trust this person will not be irate on the off chance that somebody lays down with his better half earlier wedding.

"I laid down with her the night prior to her wedding and later went to shower cash on her better half" - Guy admits
“I laid down with her the night prior to her wedding and later went to shower cash on her better half” – Guy admits

Check out the screenshot below to know more…

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the bridesmaid decided to throw caution to the wind as she was captured grinding and shaking her backside rigorously for the Groom at the wedding reception.

The Groom on the other hand seized the opportunity to enjoy his last moments as a bachelor by tackling the butt of the bridesmaid with full energy like his life depended on it.

In fact, the ecstatic mood of both the Bridesmaid and the Groom on the dancefloor made it seem like the two had something going on in secrecy but decided to give it one more shot in public before the man was taken away by the bride herself.

Upon seeing what the bridesmaid was doing with her husband at her wedding, the Bride moved quickly to protect her territory as she chased one of her bridesmaids

The bridesmaid, however, made a turnaround and came back to continue dancing with the man but as the act didn’t sit down well with the bride she chase her off again.

Meanwhile, as this was going on, the groom acted as if she didn’t see anything as he continued to grind the big buttocks wiggling in his face.

Watch the video below.



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