Video : Street fight turns blO-Ody as woman gu-n down side chick allegedly dating her boyfriend

A street fight between two women dating the same man has resulted in the death of one, following the discharge of fir-earms by the other.

According to reports attached to a video making rounds on the internet, the side chick lose her cool after her boyfriend decided to ignore her and focus his attention on the main chick, also believed to be his wife.

The furious side chick allegedly clashed with the main chick at a gas station after she surprisingly pulled up on her and the man while they were hanging out.

She went berserk and started throwing tantrums including destroying the window of the main chicks car.

While the man was seen trying to stop his woman from causing further damage to the car, the main chick pulled out a gu-n and fired multiple times at the other one.

The footage did not reveal what happened thereafter but it was gathered the side chick died instantly.

Watch the video below

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