VIDEO : “Womanizing is good 100%” – Ghanaian pastor dares pastors who disagree to come for education

According to the elderly man of God identified as Osofo Acheampong of Seventh-Day Pentecostal church, it is nauseating to hear his fellow pastors who claim to be believers in the Holy Bible, preaching against womanizing.

“Having a side chick is very good. If I’m to rate it, I’ll give it 100 percent,” Osofo Acheamp said in an interview that has been circulating online.

The man of God said to be the head of a Seventh-Day Pentecostal church went further to refer to Abraham, Moses, David and others, saying God did not reject them although they had multiple mistresses outside their marriages.

He said he always doesn’t have any problem with ordinary people who preach against womanizing but it is sickening to him when pastors who must know better join the bandwagon to condemn what even prominent people in the Bible did.

In another news, a 28-year-old woman has been sentenced to life imprisonment for killing five of her six children to spite her husband after seeing him in a photo with another woman suspected to be his side-chick.Simply identified as Christiane K, the jealous woman reportedly suffocated or strangled her five youngest children in her apartment in Solingen, Germany, on September 3, 2020.
According to, prosecutors told a district court of Wuppertal that the convict drugged Melina, one, Leonie, two, Sophie, three, Timo, six, and eight-year-old Luca before either drowning or suffocating them in the bathtub.

At the time of heartlessly killing her children, her eldest son, who was then 11 years old was not at home, so he survived the attack.

Before committing the heinous crime, Christiane K had sent a message to her husband informing him that he would not see his children again.

Sensing danger after killing the children, she tried to commit suicide by throwing herself in front of a train in Düsseldorf Central Station.

However, as fate would have it, she survived the suicide.

The court ordered psychiatric and psychological examinations on the convict but the experts found nothing wrong with her mental health status.

Before the court found her guilty, it heard more than 40 witnesses during 20 days of the trial.

Her claim that a stranger broke into her home, handcuffed her, forced her to type the chat messages to her husband before killing her children did not hold water.

Source: pulse news

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