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Watch how Kennedy Agyapong aided alleged “fake Adwoa Safo” to run away from parliament

Adwoa Safo’s alleged impersonation scandal has refused to vanish from the internet.

Day in day out, new shreds of evidence land on the internet making it very difficult for the issue to lose its relevancy.

A new video that has surfaced on the local digital space and has since gone rife shows how Kennedy Agyapong went to the alleged fake Adwoa Safo’s corner to speak with her moments before she left parliament like a night thief.

According to social media users who have chanced on this fast circulating video, Kennedy Agyapong was the one who planned with the imposter to sit in Adwoa Safo’s absence so that the controversial 2022 budget could be passed at all cost.

Although, no one knows exactly what Kennedy Agyapong told the assumed impersonator but it is of high possibility or coherence that he told her to leave the parliament’s floor after casting her vote in favour of the majority caucus.

Citing from the video, one can tell that Adwoa Safo or the alleged impersonator was lost and didn’t have any idea about what was going on in parliament as she sat quietly to observe the proceedings.

Check out the video below to know more…


Meanwhile, Adwoa Safo has reiterated on several occasions ever since her impersonation scandal popped up that she was in parliament on 30th November hence the allegations should be trashed.

Source: ghpage

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