WATCH VIDEO : Go to hell for all I care – Captain Smart ‘charges’ after arrest, release

Captain Smart arrested

Captain Smart speaks following his release

Broadcaster vows to stand up for his nation

Vocal media personality, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, popularly called Captain Smart, has reiterated his resolve to criticize the government and leadership of the country including parliamentarians on policies and actions of theirs which oppress citizens, regardless of the consequences.

He says he will not be intimidated and that person’s criticizing him or his utterances against negative policies of government can ‘go to hell’.

The broadcaster was arrested by the Nima Divisional Police command, following some ‘unsavoury pronouncements” that hinge on the country’s peace and security.

On his show ‘Onua Maakye’ on Wednesday, Captain Smart, whilst voicing his displeasure about happenings in leadership, called for an uprising.

“Where we have reached, we require an uprising with positive defiance. I am even shocked at Ghana’s soldiers.

“You can enter Parliament when MPs are being sworn in but when MPs are fooling, you can’t enter Parliament. Everybody is quiet in this country,” he said.

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The presenter was however released on the same day following the arrest.

Speaking today, December 3 on his show, he indicated his preparedness to remain vocal on critical issues of public importance to ensure leaders are kept on their toes.

This he says he will do, damning any consequences and that persons who disagree with his approach and try to intimidate him can go to hell.

“People in this country are quiet. Let me say this again, I don’t support a coup d’etat. My name is Blessed Godsbrain Smart….The New Ghana Agenda has come to stay and let me send this to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana, and everybody in this country that nobody can ever use intimidation to gag anybody. Listen and listen good, that I will never support any move, agenda for a coup de tat. I hate it but where we have gotten to, we require an uprising against certain policies. We need to rise as a people and I will never stop saying this.

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“You guys can go to hell for all I care. I don’t care about anything you want to do; I don’t care about anything you want to say.

“The New Ghana Agenda has come to stay and will forever remain in my heart. If I die today and the Church of Pentecost finishes overseeing my burial and I’m in a casket, ready to be buried, then I see the government in power abusing their authority, I will emerge from the casket, go and tell them my mind and then return to be buried,” he added.

He also expressed gratitude to Media General for having stepped in for him.

“It was yesterday that I understood the word “Onua”. I want to say once again that I’m thankful to the CEO of this company,” he added.

Watch the video below:


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