Man surprisingly confesses, “I’ve slept with over 300 women between January and October this year.”

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As he stated that he has already killed hundreds of people this year, a man sparked a sensation on social media.

In an Instagram live interview, the Nigerian man revealed how many women he has slept with this year.

The man gave an estimate that was in the hundreds when asked how many women he had slept with so far this year.

Even though the year isn’t quite finished, he claims that he has had between 315 and 320 women in his bed thus far.

The man’s admission has caused controversy, and other internet users have shared their thoughts:

“Well done Sir, you’re doing well in lifes,” presti_joix wrote.

I had to take off my sunglasses to read it AGAIN, OMO, remarked mz_shocker.

“Na gwarinpa he Dey stay?” asked hmvisual__.

Response from aprilsecretspa: “Blo.od of Jesus”

“Imagine, later una go Dey call women Ashewo,” preshyvilla remarked.

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