A criminal who has been listed as wanted by the police enlists.

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Renowned armed robber Nasiru Abdullahi, also known as Chile Maidoki, joined the police service months after being put on the wanted list.

The infamous criminal was declared wanted by the commissioner of Kano State Police in August 2023, and a N100k bounty was set on his head.

However, new images that have surfaced on social media depict the felon who entered the police academy posing with a senior officer.

He reportedly enlists with the more than 10,000 new police recruits to begin a rigorous six-month training program aimed at improving national policing.

It went on to say that the criminal recruit was sleeping at cemeteries across the city in order to avoid being taken into custody by the police.

According to a statement from the police, the well-known criminal came forward to them and begged them to pardon him for all of his misdeeds, saying that he had changed and now wished to join the police force to aid in the apprehension of criminals.

A portion of the police statement says this: “After learning of the N100,000 reward for his arrest, one of the three infamous wanted criminals, Nasiru Abdullahi, also known as Chile Maidoki, of Layin Falwaya Kurna Makabarta Quarters in Kano, has turned himself in to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Kano State Command, CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel.

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