Akrobeto solves NSMQ’s Problem of the Day on live TV, Video goes viral

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Ghanaian comic actor and host of UTV’s ‘Real News’, Akwasi Boadi, better known as Akrobeto, has demonstrated his wit by attempting to solve the Problem of the Day in the just-ended National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

This was a question posed during the grand finale contest that featured Presbyterian Boys SHS, Achimota School and Opoku Ware School.

Akrobeto solves NSMQ’s Problem of the Day on live TV, Video goes viral

Before posing the question, Quiz Mistress Prof. Elsie Kauffman called on the Education Minister Dr Osei Adutwum to partner Akrobeto in solving the Problem of the Day.

“This round has the problem of the day. By the way, Minister for Education, this is your chance, if we can find Akrobeto, you can partner him to do problem of the day.”

Well, what she wasn’t aware of was Akrobeto’s resolution to solve the Problem of the Day.

“I’m here. I’m here. Don’t worry. Thank you very much for your respect,” he said while on live TV when hosting his show “Real News.”

The Problem of the Day read: “Two vehicles, A and B, are identical in every respect except the fuel being used.

Vehicle A contains 524.4 grams of 224 trimethylpentane, also known as isooctane.

Vehicle B also contains 542.4 grams of ethanol. Assuming that the distance traveled by each vehicle is directly proportional to the heat of combustion of the fuel used, determine how much further one vehicle travels compared to the other.”

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The contestants had four minutes to present an answer. Akrobeto in a viral video showed excitement as the question was read.

Akrobeto then jumped to the drawing board, and to the surprise of many, he drew a car. The rest is for one’s very own eyes as his calculation was out of this world.

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