Kumawood declined because of too much juju – Kwaku Manu alleges

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The Kumawood film industry in Kumasi has been declining in popularity and relevance, which can be attributed to various factors.

One notable concern within the industry is the lack of quality content production.

Kumawood declined because of too much juju – Kwaku Manu alleges

Popular Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu has shed light on another troubling issue affecting the industry. He has expressed his concerns about some individuals resorting to mystical practices in an attempt to hinder the progress of their colleagues in the film sector.

Kwaku Manu revealed that certain actors and actresses turn to these mystical practices to disrupt the careers of their successful peers. He specifically mentioned a troubling trend where some industry members seek the assistance of fetish priests to orchestrate the downfall of their thriving counterparts.

He emphasized the importance for aspiring actors to maintain a strong connection with their faith in God, which can serve as a shield against potential attacks, highlighting the significance of following a righteous path in the world of entertainment.

Kwaku Manu’s revelations have initiated discussions within the Kumawood community, sparking a closer examination of ethical conduct and practices within the industry.

His concerns underscore the need for a healthier and more supportive working environment for all actors and actresses in the Ghanaian film sector.

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