Sad News!! As Popular TikToker, Asantewaa’s Account Of Over 3Million Followers Got Banned

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Ghanaian TikTok sensation Martina Dwamena, who is popularly known as Asantewaa, has finally come out to address the news surrounding her TikTok account, which had over 3 million followers getting banned.

Expressing her shock and disappointment, she confirmed the abrupt ban, emphasizing that she received no prior notification explaining the reasons behind this decision.

Sad News!! As Popular TikToker, Asantewaa’s Account Of Over 3Million Followers Got Banned

Asantewaa recounted the incident, sharing that it was her friends who alerted her to the ban, as her phone was inundated with messages from concerned followers.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she reassured her fans that she would explore alternative avenues to continue sharing similar content with them.

“I woke up to a banned TikTok account. I don’t know what I did because I wasn’t informed that due to this and this reason, I don’t know, I just woke up to a banned TikTok account. And for real, I don’t know. I’m out of words,” she said.

The TikTok sensation revealed her deep disappointment, highlighting the immense effort she had put into building her account from scratch, without any backup accounts. She shared the story of her journey, starting with zero followers and painstakingly creating engaging content for her audience. Asantewaa lamented the loss, especially considering the years of hard work she had dedicated to making her account successful.

As of now, a lot of speculations about why the account was banned have been sighted on social media.

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Some people have alleged that the ban has to do with reports made by many people who felt Asantewaa got them duped with a Ponzi scheme called Uskills on TikTok, where one pays 130gh to influencers like Asantewaa and gets to be added to a group before he or she begins to get paid by adding more people.

As things stand now, that is just speculation.

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