Cyril Of YOLO Reportedly Divorces His Wife Eyram

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Aaron Adatsi who played Cyril in YOLO has reportedly parted ways with his baby mama, Eyram.

According to a wild gist from an insider, both Aaron and Eyram were having extramarital affairs while they were still together

Cyril Of YOLO Reportedly Divorces His Wife Eyram

The insider went on to allege that, Cyril had no intentions of marrying Eyram but was hooked with pregnancy.

Eyram’s family then forced Cyril to marry their daughter because they didn’t want her to give birth out of wedlock.

Since Cyril wasn’t ready to settle down with Eyram but was forced to do so – He was still having other affairs with different ladies because he never genuinely loved Eyram.

Meanwhile, it has also been alleged that Cyril has now moved out of his matrimonial home and is now with his family in Kasoa.

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