You can give 6 body parts while you’re still alive.

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Donating a living organ is a selfless deed that can prolong or save the lives of others.

You can give 6 body parts while you're still alive.
You can give 6 body parts while you’re still alive.

Because it’s virtually always done for a good purpose, it’s still regarded as selfless and honorable, even when some people do it for money and other reasons.

The following tissues and organs can be given while the donor is still alive:

1. Kidney: The organ that living people donate most frequently One healthy kidney can be sufficient for a person to live, and kidney failure patients can live much longer when they get a living kidney donor.

2. Liver: Because the liver can regenerate, a piece of it can be donated. Within a few weeks, the livers of both the donor and the recipient will revert to almost their original size.

3. Lung: A lung lobe may occasionally be donated. This kind of living organ donation is less prevalent and is typically carried out within families.

4. Pancreas: Diabetes can be treated by transplanting pancreatic islet cells. Although it is not as prevalent as donating a kidney or liver, it is nevertheless an option in some situations.

5. Small intestine: Although this is an intricate and uncommon process that is often saved for certain medical situations, a portion of the small intestine can be donated.

6. Bone marrow and stem cells: These can be donated to treat leukemia, lymphoma, and some hereditary conditions, among other blood problems.

Usually, donation is accomplished via an apheresis procedure.

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