Strika Of “Beasts Of No Nation” Fame Is Lucky As Dr. Likee Take Upon Himself To Help Him Succeed

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Ghanaian actor and skit maker, Dr. Likee, has reached out to Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye, famously known as Strika from the film “Beasts of No Nation,” following a recent viral video that showcased Strika in a disturbing situation.

Strika, who shot to fame for his portrayal of a child soldier in the acclaimed movie, was recently spotted in a video singing along to Amerado’s “Kweku Anase” while donning a black t-shirt and trousers.

Strika Of “Beasts Of No Nation” Fame Is Lucky As Dr. Likee Take Upon Himself To Help Him Succeed

The video prompted concerns about his well-being as he appeared to be in a distressing state.

This wasn’t the first time Strika had surfaced in challenging circumstances. Previous instances revealed his struggles post-movie fame, engaging in menial jobs to make ends meet.

Despite promises made by many, Strika expressed his disappointment in not receiving the support he needed, leading to a life of hardship and continued struggles.

However, there seem to be some hope now as Dr. Likee’s team member, Gunshot, has orchestrated a meeting between Dr. Likee and Strika.

During their encounter, Dr. Likee offered words of encouragement, urging Strika to focus on the future while leaving the past behind.

He also proposed the idea of returning to school, to which Strika positively responded, indicating a willingness to embrace education once again.

Dr. Likee didn’t stop there; he encouraged Strika to share his experiences to dissuade others from walking the same path, advising against smoking and the decision to abandon schooling.

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The meeting ended on an interesting note when both actors engaged in a spontaneous acting scene, captivating everyone present with their talents.

Watch the video of their meeting below:


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