Discover The Cute Ways To Tell A Woman That You Love Her

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Love is everything and falling in love gives you clues about what love really is to you. You may hear everywhere in the songs, in the movies, and in the books but you never know what love is and what love is made of until you fall in love with somebody.

The feeling you get in your soul when you fall in love is less understandable at the beginning you catch that strange feeling. You don’t immediately understand that you fall in love but all you know is that you can’t seem to avoid that feeling.

Discover The Cute Ways To Tell A Woman That You Love Her

When you look into a person and all you see is beauty, you will wish you can be something and someone to that person. You want to be around that person and let them know how you feel.

Every person don’t fall in love in a similar way. Every person have their own way to fall in love and to express their love. It will be easier for an extrovert person to tell the one he loves that he wants her. For an introvert person, it takes everything in him to admit that he’s in love. Anyway, everyone deserves to love and tell the one they love that they love them. If you want to tell a girl that you love her but don’t know how to do it, you won’t have to worry no more. These are ways to tell a woman you love her that it can inspire you.

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1. Play a love song with a guitar

It’s a classic, romantic way to express what you feel about a special lady in front of you. If you’re kinda shy to speak to her in person but wish that she will know what you feel, playing a love song with guitar is a perfect way you can do. Don’t need much money or time, this will flutter her heart and make her feel so precious. Somehow, when words fail, music speaks. Don’t wait too long to tell her how much you love her, or you will lose the chance.

2. Read a poem you write yourself

This one method is probably the most romantic thing a guy can do to a woman he adores. When being in love, some people like to pour the emotion they got in their soul by writing love poems. A paper is the only thing that keeps the secret you write on it until someone else know that. Let that girl you love be the one to hear your magic words.

3. Surprise her with a giant teddy bear

Every girl loves getting surprises. It makes them feel so special. If you want to make your girl feel special, you can give her a surprise of something she loves. Who doesn’t love a teddy bear? Especially if it’s a 6 feet fluffy giant teddy bear. Just come to her door, hide behind that giant fluffy doll, and get ready to hear her scream happiness.

4. Prank her

This idea can be an option for you who want this moment to be out of ordinary. If you think love is not only about romance and you don’t like those common ways to tell her you love her, then you know what to do. Let this special moment be unforgettable by doing something different. The idea is by pretending that you’re amnesia and you don’t remember who she is. Look what she tries to make you remember her and when she looks like she doesn’t want you to forget who she is, you can confess that you’ve been pranking her. Tell her that you love her and you’re happy knowing that she wants to make you remember her.

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5. Write a letter

You want to be honest about what you feel toward her but you don’t have the guts to see her face to face. You’re too scared to see her reaction after you confess that you love her, so it’s better to write her a letter and put it where no one can find it but her, like her locker or her desk. What a cute ways to tell a woman you love her!

6. Sing in public

If you’re in a high school or a university, this method will probably work better. Singing a romantic song can be the coolest way to tell her you love her. You can do a performance in a school cafeteria or university’s stadium where there are many people there. The occasion will be more festive n the middle of the crowds. However, that’s the cute ways to tell a woman you love her.

7. Make a billboard ads

This one method is a bit pricey since you have to rent a space in a billboard. You will not just tell her you love her but you also let many people know how much you’re willing to do such thing to a girl you love. Make sure that you rent a space on a street that she always passes through.

8. Give her a mixtape

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When you want to express your love through songs but you can’t sing nor play instruments, you can give her a mix-tape of the songs that represent how you feel about her. Make sure that you choose the right genre that she feels like listening to it. Pick songs which relate to her personally and make her feel like those songs are written and sung for her. Not sure what kind of music she likes? Just scroll through her social media’s feed. You can mix them with your favorite songs that you want her to know.

9. Put notes on a book you borrow from her

Borrow her book and put some notes in it. You can write the sweet words she wants to hear on the sticky papers you put somewhere on the pages. Don’t forget to give the directions to turn to the next pages and an opening page on the cover to start. If you want to tell her you love her but don’t want anyone else to know, you should give this a try.

10. Express your love through photographs

For you who have a passion for photography, it’s the best to use photographs to express your love toward a person. You can collect many candid pictures of her. Put those photograph prints into a journal and write messages in some parts. Let her wander to your perspective of her. Realizing how much you’ve been paying attention to her will hopefully make her understand that you love her.

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