If You Think I’m Ungrateful, Come And Tell The World- Yaw Tog Dares Jay Bhad

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In a recent interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, Ghanaian musician Yaw Tog broke his silence on the persistent accusations of ingratitude hurled at him by former colleagues, particularly Jay Bhad, a member of the renowned music group Asakaa Boys.

Yaw Tog, who has kept mum on the issue for months, boldly declared that none of the members of the Asakaa Boys can provide a single valid reason for branding him as ungrateful.

If You Think I’m Ungrateful, Come And Tell The World- Yaw Tog Dares Jay Bhad

He singled out Jay Bahd and issued a direct challenge, urging him to come forward and explain the basis of the accusations.

During the interview, Yaw Tog acknowledged the support he received from the group when they collaborated on his hit song, “Sore.”

He emphasized his gratitude for the verses contributed by each member, highlighting that their collaboration played a pivotal role in the success of the track.

Yaw Tog went on further to add that, apart from this, there is nothing else the group can point to as a reason for labeling him as ungrateful.

The young artist addressed the speculation around a contract he failed to sign, for which others also tag him as ungrateful, asserting that those who accuse him of ingratitude due to his refusal to sign the contract fail to understand that he carefully read the terms and deemed them unsuitable for him.

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He ended by emphasizing his commitment to making choices that align with his career and personal values.

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