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Strongman explains why he is not responding to Amerado’s Beef


Ghanaian best male award winning and multiple award winning rapper  Osei Kwaku Vincent popularly known in the music industry and arena as Strongman has finally reacted to the Amerado’s beef.

In the music industry now artist beefing each other is now way of winning the hearts of fans and getting more factions on a particular artist which is very common now.

During an exclusive interview on Radio One Fm, the multiple award winner stated that Amerado has been throwing shades on his lines against him but it’s not necessary to respond to his critics. According to Strongman he can pray for you to bring a Grammy award home but if he doesn’t give the “F” word about you it makes you nothing to him.

In September 2019 Strongman won the best rapper in South Africa which makes him a rap God and he stated “If I throw shades in my lines no matter who you are, you’d definitely respond to the beef because when i throw shades it touches your heart.”


According to Strongman he’s a business man so there’s no need to beef unnecessarily, before beefing an artist he has to check the weight of the beef and what it will bring before doing it but he doesn’t beef because of emotions.

” I can’t buy food with emotions therefore, I check authenticity of the beef and the personality of the person and the level because the last beef i engaged myself i had 105K in 5 hours and it has to be commercially rewarding and aside that i need to enjoy the beef itself.



According to strongman he doesn’t jump into beef anyhow because the ball is in his court therefore he can’t tackle but he keeps going but if it’s the vice versa he can therefore tackle. It looks like Amerado is not fit to beef Strongman because strongman is the rap God.



Paul Okoye’s wife allegedly drags singer Paul Okoye to court

Paul Okoye
Paul Okoye

Anita Okoye wife of the other half of the pop duo P square has summoned the husband Paul Okoye to court over infidelity and irresponsibility. The couple were married on 22nd March, 2014 in Port Harcourt, Rivers State which has brought fort 3 kids off.

Anita filed for divorce in August,2021 which lies on five heavy allegations on Paul Okoye as being unfaithful on the part of her husband, and lack of care for their kids as some of the reasons for the breakup for their divorce, several chats were leaked from Anita as the conversations between the Nigerian singer Paul Okoye and other women.


Pictures of court documents and others was leaked out by Anita which shows vividly that Anita Okoye wife of Paul Okoye has filed a divorce against her husband at a high court in Abuja.

Anita accused her husband of having and intimate connection and affair with one of their households helps called FLORENCE.

The Nigerian Singer Paul sent his wife and her sister out of the house after they found out that the singer was having an affair with the house help. According to the accusation the Paul accepted the fact of the crime claiming it was a means to clip his wife’s wings so she could have no one else to lean on.

Anita Okoye 

One of the accusation stated that Paul pays less attention in taking care of the kids and he doesn’t help in training the kids, also he failed to give her branding and a space in the mall which she brought up N10m.


GHANAIAN Gospel musician has fired back at the tag of him taking a sum of GHC 30,000 for his performance during the National Cathedral fundraising that took place in Kumasi on January 30, 2020.

A morning show hosted by captain Smart on Onua TV, said that Jack Alolome and other gospel celebrities received sums of money just to perform at the Cathedral Fundraiser.

Jack Alolome shared on his official Facebook page according to his speech in the video he was surprised at the tag on him.

I met GHOST Jupiter

He also said that even if it’s true he has received a sum of Ghc 30,000 he hasn’t recieved and seen anything maybe someone has it without his knowledge.

I have not received any money - Jack Alolome
I have not received any money – Jack Alolome

“I want to be truthful that nobody has given me any amount of money not to talk of GHC 30,000. And I don’t know any team member that I’ve got whom I can say can go and take the money behind me or behind blind curtains”.

“I have not recieved any GHC 30,000 and the program I went, I’ve not been given money.

Watch the video below to see what Jack Alolome has to say


“If all the artists received each sum of money then that means my share of money is with someone. I’m pleading right now I’m not in Ghana therefore when I return to Ghana I must do a follow up for me to get the money wherever it is or return to the appropriate place” Alolome said.

This has become viral as a result of another gospel artiste Sonnie Badu also coming out to state that he never received US$50,000 from anyone to perform at the National Cathedral Fundraiser in the US.

“I was not given a dime not even a seat for me and my team, we stood outside,” – Sonnie Badu said.

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                                 Suleyman & Davido


Suleyman Morro was a student who completed in Sunyani SHS after passing his WASSCE with flying colors but there’s an obstacle that’s hindering him from entering into the university which is MONEY.

Ghanaians took to themselves to upload his results on social media appealing for help and support for Suleyman who happens to be a brilliant but a needy student.

The WASSCE results of Suleyman Morro a student of sunyani SHS, went viral on most of the social media platforms on the score of scoring 8As, but can’t further to the tertiary level due to the lack of financial resources.

The viral results caught the eye and attention of the Nigerian star Davido (OBO) who went of the verge of searching for Suleyman Morro.

Suleyman Morro Results

The Nigerian Star posted on Twitter “Who can please find this boy for me”?

But with the help of caring and kind netizens, the graduate of sunyani Senior High School(SHS) was found.

The Nigerian star Davido has given out a helping hand to the graduate of sunyani SHS Morro Suleyman to be able to further his education to the tertiary level.

Davido on stretching out help to the graduate post on Twitter again saying “We have contacted Suleyman who lives in Ghana and he has been given a full 4/5 year scholarship to Adeleke university, accommodations and allowances included! God bless y’all”.

God bless the Nigerian Star Davido (OBO) for the good works.

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DON’T CALL ME STINGY AS I’M NOT STINGY REGARDLESS I HELP PEOPLEGhanaians tagged Sarkodie has being a stingy celebrity who does not give out financial assistance, bigger opportunities to the underground artists and also the needy unlike the other celebrities.

Ghanaians see other celebrities who throw monies around and help other people on camera as opportunity celebs and not as stingy as ‘Sark’.

During his exclusive interview with ‘Podcast and Chill with MACG’  in South Africa King Sark finally took the knife out of his heart and defended himself on the negative stingy tags people pasted on him.


During the interview in South Africa he said his normal vibes “Money nor be problem” but I don’t like to show off.

Sarkodie defended himself and said he has helped a lot of people with stuffs they want but Sark doesn’t say them he stated “I’m not stingy, I just don’t like giving money on camera”.

Sarkodie is known to be someone who believes that Showing off assets and on camera is deadly to generosity.

“I think Africans, I won’t say Ghanaians, love that when people come and throw money, those are the people they like even when they have bad intentions you like them and you end  up being in trouble”.


Sarkodie revealed during his interview that he lives a normal life aside the showbiz and he is more generous behind the scene.


Hamamat Montia

Diverting out the model in her, the Ghanaian business person flaunted her another child knock in novel shots she shared via web-based entertainment to celebrate Fathers’ day.

In the photographs, Hamamat presented in a two-piece yellow wrap and pullover that leaves her developing paunch in plain view. “Blissful Father’s Day to the Responsible men who make us Good moms, we love you” she inscribed the photograph.


Hamamat Montia

“Men are a significant piece of our general public and they should be praised,” she added. This will turn into the initial time the previous Miss Malaika sovereign is giving clue about anticipating another kid.

Hamamat is now a mother to two delightful young ladies, Zuri and Sasa. This will be her third youngster. Notwithstanding, she hasn’t uncovered how far she has gone with the pregnancy or on the other hand assuming she has proactively conceived an offspring.

Hamamat Montia

In any case, Her companions and fans have since been complimenting her. “Such a delightful lady. God favor you and congrats,” an Instagrammer, @l0ndonparis_chick composed and another , @adeledejak, said “Congrats sister 💫🙏🏿 

Other stories

Speaking during an exclusive interview with, the Ghanaian TikToker says her comment has been taken out of context. According to Asantewaa, she was only joking with her colleagues on the United Showbiz over the weekend.

Whilst granting an interview on UTV with Hajia Bintu, Wesley Kesse, Jacqueline Mensah, Felicia Osei and Erkua Official about their career as Tik Tok influencers, Asantawaa said they are hotcakes now with so many calls coming to them lately.

That’s why I say that now it doesn’t

Beautiful Asantewaa
Asantewa                         matter how long you have played your music game. when you drop a song now it is not about your craft unless you bring it to us, if not you will have to sing your song alone,” she said and Kesse added, “we are the board of directors, you have to bring it to us.Responding to her critics, Asantewaa whilst speaking on Pulse One  said: 

I think people are misquoting me, I was there with Wesley Kesse, and Jacqueline Mensah, if you watch the video we were all having fun.

You guys know we were all having fun, people don’t even understand the fact that a lot goes into writing music, I am not a musician, I can not sing so if I am talking about promotion, I am not saying you are not as a musician,” she said.

 She also seized the moment to apologize to Ghanaian musicians.

It always great to know your faults and apologize for that, this reigns peace among all people.

Other stories

Popular Ghanaian actress, Kisa Gbekle, has recounted with a guy at a tender of 15.

According to the actress, her “akosua kuma” was ‘taken’ from her at that young age but she never regret any of it.

In an exclusive interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu Show, Kisa Gbekle said she was filled with a youthful naive girl who grew up in Aflao in the Volta region.

The naive actress wanted to explore everything including “akosua kuma” and this one way or the other landed her into getting ra[ “I was raped at age 15 – Kisa Gbekle”]



In the interview the popular actress said she enjoyed although it came in a form of rape.

She also added that her parents were mad and reported it to the police but was settled at home.

“It was a mama and dada kind of stuff thing. The people my parents trusted me with were those that did this to me. I was a bad girl and I actually liked it. The guy was 17 or 18 years around that time. To me it was a child’s play.

“I received harsh punishment from my mother as a result of being a ‘Bad Girl’.

“My mom went to the extent of inserting pepper in my “akosua kuma” and a punishment because I was a bad girl”.

Gbekle has been trending recently as she boldly admitted she engaged herself in a ‘Tummy tuck liposuction’ surgery to enhance her belly and butt.


Source: www.https://hitzvibes

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Jupitar disclosed that he met the American Hollywood actor/rapper, Omari Hardwick popularly known as “GHOST” on the Instagram media platform.

I met GHOST Jupiter
Hardwick and Jupitar

In an exclusive interview with Univers Entertainment that happened on 20th June, 2022. The “Enemies” hitmaker outlined, the American actor/rapper has been his friend for 12 months after “Ghost” got to him on the social media platform.

Delay gives internet users a ‘new topic’ with seductive video:

He spoke about this after Omari Omari Hardwick featured him on “Fearless” season 1 album.

“Omari has been a friend for a year. He got to me on Instagram and he said he was a big fan. We initially communicated as friends when I told him I loved the character he played in the seasonal movie Power, we exchange digits and decided go feature ourselves in albums which he featured me on his fearless album he released recently”. Jupiter said.

I met GHOST Jupiter
Hardwick and Jupitar

Omari Hardwick introduced me to lots of American artists and also top producers so hopefully by the end of the year my fans should be expecting rainbow colors in my album. He added.


Other stories

The Chief Executive Officer of McDan Group of Companies Mr. Daniel McKorley, popularly known as ‘McDan’, has advised men to take financial responsibility for the whole family and not to depend on the women (wives) in any way.

The business mogul believes that a woman or the wife’s salary solely belongs to her, the husband’s salary belongs to the whole family, so women should not be depended on by their husbands.

“Your wife’s salary is her salary”. Don’t be home and argue with your woman because you know she can afford to pay the fees. If she’s paying the fees men should try to take it over and be seen as very responsible.

You cant shut up the 20 year old voice – Paul Adom-Otchere

“I am very particular about that because most fathers lately are marrying because they want their bills and other expenses to be paid by women. Don’t be a man that a woman pays their bills”, McDan who happens to be the CEO of McDan Group of companies observed whiles he spoke on Father’s Day event held by Joy Prime on 19th June Sunday.

Fathers Day honors fatherhood and paternal relationship bonds, and also the influence and positive impacts in Society.Don't allow women pay your bills be a man - McDanSource: www.https://hitzvibes net

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