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Dear women, here are 5 things your husbands secretly want in bed

One thing men always want in bed from their partners is steamy, mind-blowing sex.

All women out there are eager to know their husbands’ secret thoughts in bed. After all, it’s a great mystery!

Your husband might be feeling different levels of arousal depending on their mood, such as energetic, lively, lazy or tired, and grumpy. But the one thing they always want in bed from their partner is steamy, mind-blowing sex.

To help you ladies figure out your man’s passion points, here are some common things every husband secretly wants in bed.

  • Tell them what you want

Sometimes, men don’t like to lead; they like their women to lead them, especially in bed. Husbands love to be guided about what their partners like about pleasure and sexual satisfaction. It’s indeed very hot to see your husband act according to what you say and pleasure you the same, sending tingles all over your body.

Your husband must make a happy face or grunt with pleasure whenever you do something that he loves. You may not know it at first, but when he repeatedly feels pleasure and satisfaction with the one move, it’s an indication that you should focus on that more. If he likes it immensely, there are chances he might tell you too.

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  • Dominance in sex positions

Men love experimenting with new sex positions and then it’s all the more a bonus point when you show dominance in bed. Taking the lead in different sex positions such as cowgirl, on top, doggy style, etc. will help him feel over the moon. Moreover, you can surprise him with some sex toys or props while experimenting with a new position.

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  • Putting on a show for him

Men love a seductive, sensual visual cue set up especially for them. If you turn up in front of him wearing lacy red lingerie or give him a lap dance, it will definitely make him turned on and happy as you are putting efforts into making him feel great.

  • Spontaneous quickies

Your man may not say it, but he would love to get down and dirty with you on the kitchen counter, bathroom, or anywhere in the house for a quickie. This is the best way to satisfy sexual urges when there isn’t much time for a full sex session. Quickies help relieve stress after an exhausting day and you can even see your husband oozing with lust when you invite him for a quickie.

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