E-Levy: Why did they alarm us to such an extent

E-Levy is a significant assessment handle in the 2022 financial plan proclamation by Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta


E-Levy: Why did they alarm us to such an extent


Adwoa was in a local shop to purchase a couple of food, she met two others in the shop, they were there for some Mobile Money (Momo) exchanges.

Adwoa zeroed in on purchasing the things till the Momo Merchant said “That is all, we won’t charge anything more” she proceeded to instruct the man about what exchanges will draw in E-Levy charges and which ones will not.

The man’s remark after the E-demand training stayed with me, he said “aaah, so is this why they have terrified us so much,” she moved nearer to him and expressed out loud whatever did you suppose?

” They said the public authority planned to take truckload of cash from us for sending Momo, I was at first extremely frightened about the ‘assumed’ sums to be deducted and I overreacted whenever, I considered doing a Momo exchange yet my experience tonight has demonstrated in any case.

As a communicator, the man’s explosion about his sentiments on the E-Levy was arousing, maybe we haven’t done right as a country by they way we teach and impart to the majority about government approaches


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