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2 Ghanaians in the hold of FBI for their jobs in a US$6 million sentiment, legacy trick

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has captured two Ghanaian ladies in the United States of America for their parts in helping other Ghanaians dupe others as much as $6 million.

Whitney Adams a.k.a, Girl Boss, and her mom, Flavia Annang, are accounted for to have schemed with the tricksters from Ghana to trick especially old or more established men in the U.S.

The archive likewise expressed that Whitney is an Accra-put together woman known explicitly with respect to Snapchat for her sumptuous way of life which incorporates regularly visiting Dubai for rich excursions at 5-star areas.

This was contained in U.S court records with case number 1:22-mj-01123.

As per the subtleties contained in the archive, these fake exercises occurred between July 2018 and April 2022.

“From a period obscure, however by at minimum July 2018, and through April 7, 2022, in the District of Arizona, and somewhere else, FLAVIA ANNANG, WHITNEY ADAMS, and their co-backstabbers led a sentiment/legacy trick,” the report said to a limited extent.


The report gave a breakdown of how much individuals were defrauded, for example, a casualty who was gave out as much as $283,000 between 2018 to 2020.

Additionally, one more casualty is said to have given out about $5,000,000 somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2022 with the expectation that he was assisting his internet based sweetheart with gathering a gold legacy worth $10,000,000.

“Casualty #1, age 67, lives in Sierra Vista, Arizona and succumbed to a legacy trick in which he accepted he was sending cash for expenses to deliver a legacy having a place with his internet based sweetheart. Bank records show that between July 2018 and June 2020, Victim #1 sent more than $283,000 to different people through wire moves and different means in an ineffective work to guarantee the legacy. Casualty #1 sent a portion of his cash to Gulit Bronx Enterprise, Inc., in Massachusetts. Assessment of Guilt’s bank records showed that Victim #2 additionally sent cash to Gulit”.

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Specifying the usual methodology of the posse, the FBI report cleared up how they played on counterfeit sentiment for trick their casualties.

“Obscure co-backstabbers made fake web based dating profiles and personas to take part in web-based talks, text informing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, and in any case with accidental Victims situated in the United States in endeavors to persuade those Victims they were engaged with a web-based heartfelt connection with a genuine individual.

“These accidental Victims were typically old or more established men. ANNANG’s and ADAMS’ co-backstabbers then, at that point, persuaded the Victims to send cash to, or for, those phony better halves to gather a phony legacy that was evidently because of the significant other.

“The Victims accepted the cash was to pay lawyer’s charges, customs obligations, government expenses, charges, or different costs connected with “delivering” the legacy and were many times informed that they would partake in a definitive legacy or that the receipt of the “legacy” continues would permit the phony better half to join the Victim in the United States.

FBI for their jobs in a US$6 million sentiment, legacy trick
2 Ghanaians in the hold of FBI for their jobs in a US$6 million sentiment, legacy trick

“The co-backstabbers gave the Victims locations to mail checks to and ledgers to wire cash or store checks to, which were constrained by ANNANG, ADAMS, or other co-schemers. ANNANG, Whitney Adams, and the co-schemers then deceitfully moved and additionally kept the Victims’ cash and negative “legacy” continues were at any point transmitted in return,” it said.

Different subtleties from the record showed that Flavia Annang, who is Whitney’s mom, is U.S.- based.

After their capture, the two have been kept as a Maryland court hears their case.

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Extra data from pulse.com.gh showed that “all through the intrigue, ANNANG and ADAMS were situated in Maryland and ventured out to Ghana now and again. On July 21, 2020, ANNANG was recorded as the Registered Agent for Flavy Merchandising LLC with the Maryland Department of State Business Registration (MDSBR).

“On January 11, 2021, ADAMS was recorded as the Registered Agent for McWells Auto Logistics, LLC with the MDSBR. Both ANNANG and ADAMS opened and dealt with a few homegrown financial balances to get and arrange reserves sent by Victims of these deceitful sentiment plans.

“Whenever ANNANG and ADAMS got Victim reserves, they would utilize their different ledgers to acknowledge bank wire or bank stores, or store checks got through the mail, and afterward scatter the assets to different records or to areas beyond the United States, all to some degree to cover the nature, source, and control of those resources,” it added.

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