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How men can satisfy their women during s3x

S3x, they say with the right partner can be enjoyable but bad sex could leave a long-lasting negative effect.

According to health experts, while some women experience great orgasms during s3x, others tend to fake orgasms as part of efforts to create a false aura of satisfaction.

But for most men, this may come as a shock which could bruise one’s ego. While climaxing with your partner during s3x could be monumental and often times satisfactory, most men still find it difficult to fully satisfy their women.

A survey conducted by extramarital dating site; VictoriaMilan in 2017 surveyed women from 20 countries in order to discover an average amount of time their partners spend focused on their pleasure.

Per the survey, women sampled in Denmark were said to be the most sexually satisfied with an average time of 44 minutes dedicated to their orgasmic pleasure.

In the United States which came in second place, women sampled were said to enjoy 41 minutes while women in Finland enjoyed 39 minutes.

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On the African continent, South African women sampled in the survey were reported to only get 15 minutes of attention from their partner on average.

GhanaWeb in the piece has complied some tips on how to satisfy your partner with additional material from india.com’s lifestyle section.

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Be vocal about your sexual desire to your partner

To start off, being vocal and transparent about your sexual desire can come in handy. Conversations of such can make your partner pay more attention to fulfill them.

Focus on foreplay

For most men, their desire is to hit bed and receive pleasure but that, according to sex experts, is not best way to go if you would want to satisfy your woman.

Experts say foreplay is the most important. It is said to help stimulate the woman’s mind and vaginal lubrication which is required for deep penetration and better sexual experience.

When foreplay is done right and enjoyable, some women can even achieve orgasm without penetration.

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Ensure clitoris is erected properly

Clitoral erection, s3x experts say is important for women to feel orgasm. While most gain erection easily, it rather takes time for most women to achieve the same, hence the need for good foreplay. Remember, making a woman wet doesn’t mean she’s getting a clitoral erection.

Let your woman take control

Finally, to ensure your partner is well satisfied from s3xual intercourse, it is important for women to have control. It is assumed that men love to take control during sex but women do too.

Experts say being at the receiving end often time is not pleasant for most women to achieve orgasm and so it’s important to let your woman also satisfy her own desires by informing you of what she needs during sex.

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One last thing! Sex necessarily does not need to be longer, but better.

It is, however, important to note that most women experience differences in sexual satisfaction.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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