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I have not received any money – Jack Alolome


GHANAIAN Gospel musician has fired back at the tag of him taking a sum of GHC 30,000 for his performance during the National Cathedral fundraising that took place in Kumasi on January 30, 2020.

A morning show hosted by captain Smart on Onua TV, said that Jack Alolome and other gospel celebrities received sums of money just to perform at the Cathedral Fundraiser.

Jack Alolome shared on his official Facebook page according to his speech in the video he was surprised at the tag on him.

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He also said that even if it’s true he has received a sum of Ghc 30,000 he hasn’t recieved and seen anything maybe someone has it without his knowledge.

I have not received any money - Jack Alolome
I have not received any money – Jack Alolome

“I want to be truthful that nobody has given me any amount of money not to talk of GHC 30,000. And I don’t know any team member that I’ve got whom I can say can go and take the money behind me or behind blind curtains”.

“I have not recieved any GHC 30,000 and the program I went, I’ve not been given money.

Watch the video below to see what Jack Alolome has to say


“If all the artists received each sum of money then that means my share of money is with someone. I’m pleading right now I’m not in Ghana therefore when I return to Ghana I must do a follow up for me to get the money wherever it is or return to the appropriate place” Alolome said.

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This has become viral as a result of another gospel artiste Sonnie Badu also coming out to state that he never received US$50,000 from anyone to perform at the National Cathedral Fundraiser in the US.

“I was not given a dime not even a seat for me and my team, we stood outside,” – Sonnie Badu said.

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