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“If I had power, I would make it compulsory for men to marry 2 women” – Investigator

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A female private detective has said that given the power, she would make it compulsory for men to marry two women to reduce adultery and exploitation.

According to the Kenyan woman, Jame Mugo, the practice of married men having sexual relationships with young ladies outside their marriage is on the increase.

She bemoaned how the adulterous men end up jilting their side-chicks with virtually nothing and then move on to another, after exploiting and benefiting from them.

“If I had power, I would make it compulsory for men to marry two women. Some men keep using women, girls to gain financially, socially, emotionally and later deny them,” Jame Mugo wrote on her Instagram page on Tuesday, November 9.

She went further to advise young ladies to demand of their married lovers to introduce them to their wives to avoid suffering hostilities.

“Women, girls, stop dating married men privately, demand introduction. I know of women attacking single women dating married men and their men have four babes. Young, old and married. Only you are not a public figure. Let us be kind,” she entreated.

It is unclear if the mother of two has suffered any betrayal recently. A few weeks ago, she compared humans and dogs, saying the latter is more loyal.

“People ask me why I love dogs. It is very rare to experience the type of loyalty from humans that you find in dogs. A dog will stay on your grave howling and crying dog tears when your partner had moved on to the next relationship. And they are so sensitive. You might be feeling melancholy, and no one may notice. But your dog will notice and try to cheer you up. Their own people may abandon them, but their dogs will never abandon them,” Jame Mugo wrote.

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