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Ifeanyi Was Used for Ritual Sacrifice on Halloween Day

Chasing clout with a little boy’s death is something sensible adults should avoid, but actor Joey Okechukwu left that group chat as he alleges that Davido’s son Ifeanyi was used for sacrifice.

Nollywood actor Joey Okechukwu has sparked outrage amongst Nigerians over a viral YouTube video on his page where he claimed that Ifeanyi was used for ritual sacrifice.

Joey also noted that it is possible that Davido may or may not be aware, but alleged the little boy was killed on Halloween day to renew the singer’s fame ritual.

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Nigerian actor, turn YouTuber, and social commentator Joey Okechukwu has stirred anger online after a video of him alleging that famous Afrobeat singer Davido used his recently passed first son Ifeanyi Adeleke for ritual sacrifice.

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Joey Okechukwu noted in the viral video that such is not particularly new in the entertainment industry citing instances of how famous Hollywood entertainers and some Nigerian ones lost their children in unusual circumstances, and their wealth only grew more afterwards.

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Okechukwu further claimed that Davido may or may not be aware of the ritual killing his son was used for, but the recent happening bares all the hallmarks of a sacrifice.

The metaphysical expert further alleged that the killing was done on Halloween Day for a stronger effect.

Watch the video below:


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