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‘It was fun’- Asantewaa apologizes for a bad comment on UTV Showbiz

I'm Sorry - Asantewaa
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Speaking during an exclusive interview with pulse.com, the Ghanaian TikToker says her comment has been taken out of context. According to Asantewaa, she was only joking with her colleagues on the United Showbiz over the weekend.

Whilst granting an interview on UTV with Hajia Bintu, Wesley Kesse, Jacqueline Mensah, Felicia Osei and Erkua Official about their career as Tik Tok influencers, Asantawaa said they are hotcakes now with so many calls coming to them lately.

That’s why I say that now it doesn’t

Beautiful Asantewaa
Asantewa                         matter how long you have played your music game. when you drop a song now it is not about your craft unless you bring it to us, if not you will have to sing your song alone,” she said and Kesse added, “we are the board of directors, you have to bring it to us.Responding to her critics, Asantewaa whilst speaking on Pulse One  said: 

I think people are misquoting me, I was there with Wesley Kesse, and Jacqueline Mensah, if you watch the video we were all having fun.

You guys know we were all having fun, people don’t even understand the fact that a lot goes into writing music, I am not a musician, I can not sing so if I am talking about promotion, I am not saying you are not as a musician,” she said.

 She also seized the moment to apologize to Ghanaian musicians.

It always great to know your faults and apologize for that, this reigns peace among all people.

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