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Ladies, here are 7 proven ways to prevent a man from cheating on you

People often say that there’s nothing you can do to prevent a guy from cheating, but you can’t just stand by and watch it happen.

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Learn some techniques that other women use to keep their man in check, and also alleviate the worries that their partner might cheat.

This article lists tips women shared with us on how to prevent a guy from cheating. Read on to know.

  • Don’t be too available

Keep your boyfriend in check by purposely hiding how much you feel for him. Guys stop making an effort to “impress a girl” once they are confident that they have her. You could prevent your boyfriend from cheating by making him work for your love and attention. However, your boyfriend might go for other women if he feels that you are not showing enough interest. Try balancing your availability to keep the fire burning in your relationship.

  • Hint that your boyfriend has competition

Try to get your boyfriend’s attention by hinting that he has competition. He can’t afford to be complacent and cheat on you when he feels jealous. However, don’t overuse this strategy, as your boyfriend might grow suspicious that you are the one cheating on him.

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  • Always make an effort to be attractive

Hold on to your boyfriend’s interest by making an effort to look good. Continue to work on your appearance, even if you are in a long-term relationship, by putting on makeup or wearing nice outfits. This can help maintain the excitement and freshness in your relationship.

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  • Be careful not to be too controlling

Some guys are tempted to cheat because they want to be free from their controlling girlfriend. In this case, making sure your boyfriend doesn’t feel tied down could be an effective way to prevent him from cheating. However, some guys need to be controlled to feel secure in a relationship. Choose the approach that best suits your boyfriend’s personality.

  • Let him know that he will regret it if he cheats

You can let your boyfriend know that you will make his life hell if he ever cheats on you. For example, you could agree that you would control his life or that he would have to pay a large fine if he cheated. However, this strategy has disadvantages—planting fear in your boyfriend’s mind will not solve the issue, which is to eliminate his temptation to cheat.

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  • Always remind him that you will leave if he cheats

You can tell him that your relationship is over if he cheats on you. If he wants to keep dating you, he will have to control any temptation. Be careful, though, as the moment you bring this up in conversation, your boyfriend will know that you don’t totally trust him. This could make things awkward or lead to a disagreement.

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  • Purposely tell him “I don’t mind if you cheat”

Some guys are tempted when they are told not to do something. Use reverse psychology by telling your boyfriend that you don’t mind if he cheats. Be careful, though, as some guys will misunderstand your message and take advantage of the situation. Know your audience before using this strategy.

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