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My husband drugged me and allowed his dog to sleep with me-Wife narrates how she lost her womb

Slay Queen

The former wife of a rich man has come out to tell her story of how she lost her womb due to the numerous occasions of her husband’s dog fvcking her.

According to the woman who shared her sad story on social media to serve as a warning to other young ladies, her husband married her for his dog unknown to her.

It started when she realized that her husband was not sleeping with her after they got married.

Meanwhile, the husband was getting her drunk every night so that his dog could sleep with her.

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She started suspecting her husband’s dog slept with her instead of her own husband one day and began to investigate.

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One night, she pretended to be drunk and faked snoring when she was with her rich husband.

Minutes later, her husband rubbed his hands on her face and went out to bring his dog and led it to fvck her.

She screamed for help and the husband realized she was not drunk. He begged her to keep it a secret and allow the dog to fvck her.

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She refused and the man went mad. When she visited the hospital, she found out her womb has been destroyed.


Apparently, that was the man’s secret source of wealth. She gave out her experience to serve as a warning and advice to greedy young women



The evil that some men do will shock the devil himself…lol


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