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Oliver Barker-Vormawor describes how an ‘professional killer’ was shipped off kill him at Ashaiman police cell

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Oliver Barker-Vormawor was captured for remarks made on his Facebook course of events

He was accused of injustice lawful offense

He has been talking about his difficulty in police cells

Oliver Barker-Vormawor describes how an 'professional killer' was shipped off kill him at Ashaiman police cell
Oliver Barker-Vormawor


Oliver Barker-Vormawor, a convener of the #FixTheCountry development, has been relating his difficulty at the Ashaiman police cell when he was captured and confined for offering remarks depicted as backstabbing on his Facebook course of events.

He had made posted on his timetable that, he will put together an overthrow assuming the questionable Electronic Transfer Levy, E-Levy, is passed into regulation.

Relating how he was captured at the air terminal on February 11 by a few outfitted military faculty, Barker-Vormawor told Unprovoked, a channel on YouTube that, he felt that day was his keep going day on the planet.

He made sense of, “I showed up in this country around 5.00 pm on Friday, February 11, I was confined by the movement for around 30 minutes, people in the military equipped with tons of weaponry and people in casually dressed – non were in police regalia – came to get me at the air terminal [Kotoka International Airport]; for more than 5 hours, I was whipped, [they] stepped on me, spat on me; I believe those to be torment…


“…I was blindfolded and being driven out of the air terminal. Whenever I asked the work force where I was being taken to, I get a slap for it, along these lines, I really accepted that I would have been killed in light of the fact that I didn’t have the foggiest idea where I was being taken to.

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“While we were going, I could detect we were as of now not in that frame of mind there was no traffic], I could detect that maybe this is the motorway. My impulses were letting me know that I would have been killed at Bundase; in the long run, we stopped and I needed to reorient myself that maybe this is a police headquarters and, surprisingly, that, I didn’t realize which police headquarters it was… ”

Barker-Vormawor noticed that when his attorneys, Akoto Ampaw and Dr Justice Sai, came to the police headquarters they pushed on the police for him to be delivered however the police expressed in any case.

He said the police called for support from both the police and military since they guaranteed that individuals from the #FixTheCountry development will drive their direction into the phone and delivery him.

Oliver Barker-Vormawor describes how an 'professional killer' was shipped off kill him at Ashaiman police cell
Oliver Barker-Vormawor describes how an ‘professional killer’ was shipped off kill him at Ashaiman police cell

Oliver Barker-Vormawor described something intriguing that happened to him on the prior night he was taken to the Ashaiman District Court.

He said, “on the prior night I was prosecuted, they brought a courteous fellow into the cell at around 10.00 pm – I accept that he works with the public safety – promptly this new person came, I told the folks at the cell that ‘I think this person works with the public safety however they questioned.

“The cell chiefs scrutinized the fellow and he asserted that he was into bringing in yet he got his check skipped and he was captured. I asked, which bank opens at 10.00 pm… This new person will get up [in the center of the night] and attempt to gripe. He was attempting to gain admittance to where I was sitting, then, at that point, the detainees will push him back.”

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Barker-Vormawor proceeded: “After some time, the Commander for Ashaiman police headquarters descended and said the person had left his bread along these lines, he is carrying it to him. The folks [inmates] took the bread and as they were introducing it to this new person, they pushed down the bread and understood that there was a blade and telephone in the bread.

“[At the time], I was resting and didn’t have a clue about this, along these lines, the folks began rushing to me and praising me yet I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was happening… they enlightened me at last and I felt the telephone was at that point recording us. I advised them to place the telephone in water and one of them said they can give it to somebody to sell it.

“Afterward, one of them blew up and destroyed the telephone. I requested the chronic number and sort of sim card in the telephone and they concealed it in my dress… and the telephone was arranged off in an elastic into the phone dustbin… around 6.00 am, the police came into the phone with the Crime Officer after they had called the [new] fellow out for quite a while so when they came into the phone outfitted and was asking; where could the telephone be? where could the telephone be? The prisoners then, at that point, asked which telephone; [but they didn’t respond].”

Oliver Barker-Vormawor further expressed that two of the cell chiefs were called to be investigated and they needed to let the police know how they discarded the telephone in the dustbin.

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“Whenever my legal advisors came, I gave them the sim card and the chronic number of the telephone to see whose name it was enlisted however the number was detached that the time,” he noticed.

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