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Omalicha Baby – Do My Dance

Peter Ofoegbu, also known as FEGS, is a Nigerian-born Gospel artist, from South London in the UK. The death of his friend inspired his first single “No Knife” and upon receiving positive feedback and reactions to the song, he knew that he had found his purpose, which is spreading the Gospel through music.
In the beginning of his music journey, he founded the company Music Birthed Out Of The Spirit, where the vision is to continue to spread the gospel infused with Faith, Hope and Love through various ventures.
Music has played a huge part in FEGS’ life, from playing drums at church and receiving songs in dreams when he was younger, to messing around with friends showcasing rap skills. A crucial moment in his music career was when his pastor had said “If God is blessing you with songs write it down”. He took note of this statement and began to write.
The first body of work released by FEGS was in the summer of 2018, an EP called FEGSTOPIA, which is found on various streaming platforms. Before the EP, he was releasing singles on SoundCloud, such as: ‘No Knife’ and ‘On Them’ to name a few. He then took a break to focus on the completion of his Biomedical Science degree, and bounced back in 2020 with his latest song “Do My Dance”.
“It’s tough to put a name to the style of music he makes because he is such a versatile individual with a distinctive flow.” – Rapzilla 2018.

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You can follow FEGS on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @FEGSDOE

Omalicha Baby is a follow up to the Afro-Caribbean fusion song ‘Do My Dance’, previously released by FEGS.
Omalicha Baby is written and produced by FEGS, who embedded a bouncy rhythm from his roots in Nigeria, into a Caribbean influenced track. The tune is jam-packed with sounds from instruments, such as: saxophones, steel pans, and a bassoon.
‘Omalicha’ in Igbo, means beautiful. The song is simply an expression of love and gratitude to God, for allowing one to meet their significant other. This notion is highlighted by FEGS throughout the track with lyrics such as “Wettin I go give to you Baba (God)”, because one cannot simply put a price on love.

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‘Omalicha Baby’ will be available on iTunes and all streaming platforms.

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Omalicha Baby – Do My Dance

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