Police and military increase presence in Nkoranza amidst heightened tension

Security presence in Nkoranza has been expanded following increased strains between some furious youth and the Police locally.

As indicated by Joy News’ reporter, Ohemeng Tawiah, starting around Wednesday morning, the whole local area had been immersed with faculty from the Police and military, who are ready to hinder any anarchy.

In a meeting with Paa Kwesi Schandorf on AM News on Wednesday, that’s what he uncovered, following a dissent by the adolescent on Tuesday, the customary innovators locally drew in the furious youth to quiet the pressures, prompting an understanding in such manner.

Be that as it may, as indicated by him, in spite of the choice of the adolescent to keep up with quiet, they later poured onto the roads in a warmed a conflict with the Police.

He, along these lines, expressed that, notwithstanding the weighty security presence, it is muddled what the adolescent might do straightaway.

“It’s an ordinary day, as it’s a typical day anyplace in any piece of the country, simply that the distinction here in Nkoranza municipality is the way that there are expanded Police presence on the central avenues of Nkoranza.

You can’t anticipate the young that presumably with the presence of the Police and the tactical group here, that ought to settle the issue,” he noted.

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He likewise added, “when the Police support group showed up from Techiman, the young wouldn’t actually move.

“They confronted the Police group solidly by tossing stones whiles the Police group likewise discharged cautioning shots and live elastic projectiles on them. They were not annoyed. They kept on stilling their grounds to confront the Police officials.

So for you to propose that, most likely in light of the presence of the Police-military group, that ought to settle the story, it will be too soon to consider and discuss that”.

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In the mean time, a security examiner, Professor Kwesi Aning, has expressed that the new development locally brings up issues about the validity and incredible skill of the Police in the release of their obligations.

As per the expert, the shooting of Albert Donkor by the Police is proof of the combative stance of some faculty inside the Service, a demonstration which should be checked out.

He made sense of that the circumstance where Police officials resort to compel and ridiculous savagery in managing general society should be addressed to support public trust in the Police.

He uncovered that his outfit is directing examination in such manner.

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Police and military increase presence in Nkoranza amidst heightened tension

The young people of Nkoranza in the Bono East Region has been out of control as they went after the Municipal Police central command, requesting equity for Albert Donkor, a 28-year-old merchant who was purportedly killed while in Police care.

In their dissent on Tuesday, they liberated six different suspects got by the Police as furnished looters along with the departed.

As indicated by Joy News’ Ohemeng Tawiah, there was bedlam at the Police Station as the adolescent fought the labeling and ensuing killing of the departed.

They said the departed is certainly not a furnished burglar, requesting that the individuals who killed him in care should reply.

In communicating their indignation, the adolescent annihilated vehicles left at the Municipal Police base camp before the support group showed up to keep up with harmony and request.

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