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Relationship: 8 tips to make your relationship happy

Relationships are either happy or unhappy, there’s no such thing as not quite happy or sort of okay. Every relationship you have will be to some degree one way or the other, and it’s always better to be happy than unhappy, especially in relationships which are supposed to be about love. Here are 8 tips to help you make your relationship happier and last longer than if you don’t apply these principles


  1. Talk about it
  2. Recognize what you’re doing wrong and change your actions. If you’re always nagging or criticizing, stop it. Try to do something nice for them every day instead. 2. Make time for each other. Don’t let work, kids, or other obligations get in the way of spending time together – especially if it’s just you two at home all day long with no one else around. 3. Pay attention to their needs; don’t assume they know what they want from you and what will please them most out of all 4. Communicate openly and honestly about how you feel about each other and any problems that might be cropping up so that both people can take the necessary steps to make things better 5.

2. Give each other space
One of the most important things you can do for a relationship is give each other space. It’s easy to fall into a rut and stop exploring, but sitting in the same place every day will definitely lead to boredom. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid spending time together at all costs – but it does mean that if one of you needs some of your time, the other should be cool with it.

  1. Don’t Compare
    Don’t compare your partner to others. You might be tempted to measure them up against people you know, but all relationships are different and you can never be certain what goes on behind closed doors. It may seem like they have the perfect marriage or that they’re the happiest person in the world, but there could also be a lot of stress and unhappiness going on behind their façade. And vice versa, so don’t despair if you feel that things are not going well at all times. You might not know exactly how someone else’s life is either.
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4. Accept Differences
The key to a good relationship is acceptance. You have to accept your partner for who they are and what they do, even when it’s something you don’t like. This is because you never know what someone else is going through or how they feel. By accepting them for who they are, you can work on the issues together instead of just trying to change them into who you want them to be.
1) Accept that things will never be perfect – it won’t always be easy but if you keep fighting, it will get better.
2) Give compliments more often – this helps build up self-esteem and also shows appreciation for the other person.

5. Touch
Making a relationship work can be hard, but it’s not impossible. If you want your relationship to last, here are some things you should do – take time for one another and spend quality time together.
– Listen to what each other has to say and don’t interrupt them.
– Try new things together such as different food or activities.
– Give each other compliments about themselves and tell them that they’re appreciated.

  1. Compliment Each Other
    You may think that complimenting each other is cheesy, but it’s an easy way to show love. Share with one another what you appreciate about the other person and what you love about them. It will make them feel good and it will also help build a strong foundation for your relationship.
    Encourage One Another (five sentences)
    It can be difficult sometimes when things don’t go as planned or when we’re feeling down, but having someone there for us can make all the difference in the world.

  2. Date night

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Date night is the perfect way to reconnect and remind each other of how much you care. Choose a day that works for both of you, and plan something fun together that you can both enjoy. For example, if one person loves concerts, they could buy tickets to a local show while the other person books a table at their favorite restaurant in town. Date night should be special and memorable, which is why it’s important not just to find something you like but also something they like too!

  1. Enjoy being single sometimes
    This sounds impossible, I know. But being single does have some perks. You can indulge in things that you might not be able to do if you were in a committed relationship, like staying out all night or going on a 2-week-long vacation without having to worry about what’s going on with your partner. And believe me, it’s a great feeling.Relationship

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