Mother of 11-year-old young lady purportedly taken to cultivator for cash customs stands up

I smelled a rat when her dad requested to meet her, Evelyn Kemeh

CID assumes control over ‘custom killing’ father’s case

Evelyn Kemeh, mother of an 11-year- old girl who was to be used for money rituals 

The mother of the 11-year-old young lady, whose father was supposedly going to kill for a cash custom at Oyibi Kom, a suburb of Accra, Evelyn Kemeh, has said that she smelled a rat when the dad requested to meet his little girl.

As per her, she even cautioned her girl not to eat, drink or do anything uncommon on the off chance that her dad asks her to, and to shout for help on the off chance that he has a go at driving her to follow through with something.

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Talking in a GBC interview checked by GhanaWeb, Evelyn Kemeh said the casualty even kidded about her dad going to involve her for a cash custom after she was cautioned to be wary.

“In this way, last week Tuesday at 10 pm, he (the dad of the person in question) called and said his companion who remains abroad will be returning, so he maintains that him should accept her girl’s material size so he can sew some garments for her. He added that he would get her little girl from school on Thursday, around early afternoon. He promptly inquired as to whether my girl wasn’t Yaa, I answered yes she is, and he then hanged up.

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