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Wach Video ; “Yes you’re naked” – Police officer captured allegedly sexually harassing a lady

A video that has gone rife on the internet captures the moment an unprofessional police officer was behaving like a dog on heat.

In this video, the police officer who has since been put on the radar by social media users was forcefully trying to open the legs of a young lady he had probably stopped at the police barrier.

According to the lady who was being sexually harassed in the video, the police officer had initially told her and the friend that he was going to search her car but he started touching her private parts in a very energetic manner halfway through the search.

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She went on to assert that, when she quizzed the police officer why he was been unprofessional and touching her at the private parts, he replied point blank that she’s naked.

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The victim also claims that she was brutally slapped by the police officer when she tried to resist the sexual harassment.

The screenshot below is an account of the incident that the lady has given.

Citing from the video, it appears that the accusations the lady has poured on the police officer are true because he indeed touched her private parts.

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The police officer can also be heard shouting on top of his voice that the young lady is naked meanwhile she was clothed.

Take a look at the video below to know more…

Social media users have called for the arrest of the uncivilized police officer whose name and station is yet to be identified.


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