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WATCH VIDEO : “If I’m not shooting then I’m holding my gun” – Afia Schwar boldly threatens Mercy Aseidu

After Afia Schwar threw decency to the dogs and shamelessly attacked Mercy Aseidu and her crew for reasons best known to her, she has resorted to her social media pages to throw subtle threats at Mercy Aseidu.

In a new video that has been sighted on her IG page, Afia Schwar threatened to hire thugs to physically assault Mercy Aseidu.

She further went to the extreme to brag that if she isn’t shooting, then it’s because she is keeping her gun ready and waiting for the proper moment.

Schwar went on to say that even if she doesn’t attack her with weapons, she will make sure that Mercy Aseidu is assaulted by her notorious thugs.

This video has received public uproar as netizens have called on the IGP to arrange for the immediate arrest of Afia Schwar for threatening Mercy Aseidu’s life because no one is above the law.

Check out the video below to know more…


The ongoing beef between Afia Schwar and Mercy Aseidu began after the loudmouth comedienne attacked the actress and her crew for wearing winter jackets to Dubai.

According to Afia Schwar in a self-made video, she made to attack Mercy Aseidu the actress has disgraced herself and Asantes big time for dressing like someone from an uncivilized society to the airport on her trip to Dubai.

Mercy Aseidu and her crew also returned Afia Schwar’s insults with more heavy ones and ever since then, the two have been shading each other with the slightest opportunity they get.


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