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Watch video : SHS girl caught on tape forcing to kiss boyfriend during class hours

The crop of Senior High School students of this generation is just something else. A good number of them have no regard for morals or whatsoever.

Gone are the days where having a boyfriend in the SHS level was taboo in our African setting but now due to the so-called ’21st Century umbrella’, current SHS students do things their way as it pleases them.

Well, let me end it here, I could write more you know but I choose to end it here for the future which cometh sooner than anticipated. My thoughts have been provoked by a video sighted online.

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A viral video circling across all social media platforms sees a young SHS lady trying to kiss a guy who was seated amid her classmates who were all girls.

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The lady, in the classroom, tried to kiss the guy while her other friends watched and some took a video. The boy who was not ready for the action never surrendered to the lady’s demand.

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According to the commentary heard in the video, the lady has been chasing the guy for some time now but he was not ready to go into a relationship with the lady.

Watch the video below;


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