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Wife of Hajia4real’s alleged fraud boyfriend files for divorce

Hajia4Real/Mona 4Real, born Mona Faiz Montrage, has been dominating online news portals over her reported arrest by the UK police over her alleged involvement in a fraud involving $8 million. The allegations against her were made in connection with Hajia4Real.

The report claims that she was taken into custody on Friday, November 11, 2022, in connection with the shady deal that occurred during her most recent trip to the United States. The company Hajia4Real has already been denied entry into the United States.

In the wake of the recent events, one Richard Nii-Armah Quaye’s name has come up more frequently than any other in connection with the Hajia4Real case. He is rumored to be the con man who has been dating the socialite.

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Richard started Quick Angels Limited and currently serves as the company’s CEO. He is also the chairman of the board at Quick Credit & Investment Micro-Credit Ltd.

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On his Instagram profile, he calls himself an “Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with Diversified Business Interests in Ghana and Africa.”

In addition to this, it is rumored that Richard Nii-Armah Quaye is the one who pays for Hajia4Real’s lavish lifestyle and is the mastermind behind the alleged fraud scheme for which she was arrested in the United States last Friday.

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Another piece of intelligence suggests that Richard fled to Ghana shortly after the purported love interest Hajia4Real was placed under arrest. To protect himself from the impending disgrace, he has fled the scene and is currently hiding.

In addition to this, Richards’ beautiful wife has reportedly filed for divorce after learning about the alleged relationship that exists between her husband and Hajia4Real. More evidence suggests that Richard’s children and wife are currently homeless, according to the information.

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