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You think I’m stingy – Sarkodie

I'm not stingy

DON’T CALL ME STINGY AS I’M NOT STINGY REGARDLESS I HELP PEOPLEGhanaians tagged Sarkodie has being a stingy celebrity who does not give out financial assistance, bigger opportunities to the underground artists and also the needy unlike the other celebrities.

Ghanaians see other celebrities who throw monies around and help other people on camera as opportunity celebs and not as stingy as ‘Sark’.

During his exclusive interview with ‘Podcast and Chill with MACG’  in South Africa King Sark finally took the knife out of his heart and defended himself on the negative stingy tags people pasted on him.


During the interview in South Africa he said his normal vibes “Money nor be problem” but I don’t like to show off.

Sarkodie defended himself and said he has helped a lot of people with stuffs they want but Sark doesn’t say them he stated “I’m not stingy, I just don’t like giving money on camera”.

Sarkodie is known to be someone who believes that Showing off assets and on camera is deadly to generosity.

“I think Africans, I won’t say Ghanaians, love that when people come and throw money, those are the people they like even when they have bad intentions you like them and you end  up being in trouble”.


Sarkodie revealed during his interview that he lives a normal life aside the showbiz and he is more generous behind the scene.


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